The Fresh Beat Band CD Is Here!

The Fresh Beat Band CD Is Here!

Did you know that the brand new Fresh Beat Band CD has just been released? That’s right, after a long wait, I was just as excited as my kids to finally be able to get my hands on the CD with all the songs from the show. They are very catchy songs, we play it in the car often, and just sometimes to jump around and dance to at home as well. My kids absolutely love it, especially my 3 year old girl, but my 7 year old rocks to it as well, it was such a treat for them when I bought it and I’m sure your kids will feel exactly the same way.

My Review Of The Fresh Beat Band CD

So what can you expect to find on the Fresh Beat Band CD? Well there are the favorites like “Fresh Beat Band Theme Song”, “A Friend Like You”, “Bananas” and of course “Great Day”. There are also a whole range of songs from both the first and second seasons, and they’re all a blast to groove to with the kids. Here’s a full list:
1. Fresh Beat Band Theme Song

2. Here We Go
3. A Friend Like You
4. Just Like A Rockstar
5. Reach For The Sky
6. I Can Do Anything
7. Bananas
8. Music (Keeps Me Movin’)
9. Good Times
10. Loco Legs
11. Get Up And Go Go
12. Another Perfect Day
13. Shine
14. Stomp The House
15. Surprise Yourself
16. We’re Unstoppable
17. Friends Give Friends A Hand
18. Freeze Dance
19. Great Day
20. Sun Beautiful Sun
I have to say that the music is not the crispest or most professional that I’ve ever heard, but my kids don’t really mind because they love the songs. It’s certainly better than a lot of the junk that gets played on the radio all the time.

Why I Would Recommend The Fresh Beat Band CD

So if you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether or not to buy the Fresh Beat Band CD, I can guarantee you that if your kids love the show, they will definitely love the CD as well. You won’t have to worry about getting your kids to exercise or move around with this CD, because it’s so catchy and they won’t be able to help just jumping around and dancing to the music. We all know how hard it is to get kids to exercise nowadays, so that’s definitely a big plus in my book.

Get the fresh beat band CD you will not regret it and your kids will love you for it!

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