Fresh Beat Band Cast

Fresh Beat Band Cast

So who are the characters behind the fresh beat band, who is the fresh beat band cast? We will talk about Kiki, Twist, Marina and Shout on this page but also the people behind the characters, who is playing Marina now? Well if you have been following the fresh beat band for a while you know there has been a cast change… 

Here they are:

  • Kiki
  • Twist
  • Marina 
  • Shout

Fresh beat band cast members

Fresh Beat Band Cast Kiki

fresh beat bandKiki the violinist (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer) plays the guitar, violin and is the lead singer. Kiki loves to sing and dance, she is very energetic and bubbly. She sing and dance where ever she goes she even comes up with her own dances. Her favorite colors are pink and white, just like her jacket. She wears flamingo slippers with her PJ.

According to “Back To School”, Kiki’s favorite song is “Tap It Out”.


Who is Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer the lady behind Kiki?

Yvette is born October 22nd. Her favorite color is purple and she loves watermelon. Yvette had her first violin lesson when she was 3 years old. She says: “I was raised on The Beatles, Celia Cruz, Beethoven and Whitney Houston”.
She has been in “7th Heaven” and “Guiding Light” to stage productions of “West Side Story” and “Much Ado About Nothing”; headlined as one of the titled stars of Marion J. Caffey’s 3 “Mo’ Divas”, and most recently played the role of Vanessa in Broadway’s 1st National Tour of “In the Heights” .
Yvettes Favorite Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Fresh Beat Band Cast Twist

fresh beat bandTwist the DJ (Jon Beavers) he plays turntables, beatbox and sings.
Thomas “Twist” Jobson, is a tall cute guy he is an excellent dj rapper and beatboxer. He is a funny goofy guy with a wild imagination he often comes up with crazy not always doable ideas. He starts his ideas with “Wouldn`t it be cool if….” Marina usually responds with an idea that they can actually do and Twist respond with “Sure if you want to do it the easy way”.

He is a good friend and looks out for his buddies. His favorite colors are blue and yellow just like his hoodie. He wears Moose slippers with his PJ.


Who is Jon Beavers the man behind Twist?

Jon Beavers wаѕ born 1981 he is аn actor, dancer, musician and song writer…
You can also see Jon Beavers in the “Inside the Actors Studio”
Here is a video with him that you might not have seen.

Fresh Beat Band Cast Marina

fresh beat bandMarina the Drummer (Shayna Rose Season 1 and 2, Tara Perry Season 3) she plays the drums and sing.
Marina is the drummer and she also loves to sing and dance on the fresh beat show, she is a smart and bubbly person. She often comes up with a solution to the problems they are having in the show. She agrees with Twists crazy ideas “You know that would be cool but…” then she gives the band a realistic solution.
Her favorite colors are turquoise and purple just like her dress. She wears duck slippers with her PJ.
According to “Back to School”, Marina’s favorite song is “Stomp The House”.

“Hip Hop and Pop”

Who are the ladies behind the Marina character?

Tara Perry – Tara replaced Shayna as Marina in 2011.
Tara is an Actor/Comedian in LA. Other than starring on the Fresh Beat Band show she also perform around LA with the groups Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em and Big Bennessy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Knockers W/Matt Walsh
JK and the Saleman’s Stoned
Legend of Neil W/Felicia Day


All Ages Night
Turn me on, Dead Man
Secret Chinese Secret
And more…

Shayna Rose – She started her career when she was 8 years old, in a variety of local musicals, including “In to the Woods”. She has been seen in Gilmore Girls, Days of our Lives, Ugly Betty, Mad Men and more. The summer 2011 she decided to leave The Fresh Beat Band show to get married and pursue other projects.

Fresh Beat Band Cast Shout

fresg beat bandShout the Keyboardist (Thomas Hobson) plays the keyboards and sing.
Shout is a focused but very excited person. When he gets something on his mind it is stuck. He is a smart guy and comes with a lot of good ideas to the problems that the fresh beats have. His favorite color is orange and brown, just like his button up sweater. He wears goldfish slippers with his PJ. He`s got a pet goldfish named Walter.

According to “Back To School”, Shout’s favorite song is “Loco Legs”.


Who is Thomas Hobson the man behind Shout?

Thomas Hobson is actor both on stage and on television and movies. He started acting when he was 6 years old and 2004 he received a BA in Theatre Studies from Yale University.
Thomas has done a lot on the screen both on television and movies, here is a list of his previous parts he`s played.
• 2010 NCIS: Los Angeles

• 2008 Bar Starz

• 2008 Daydreams

• 1999 Michael Jordan: An American Hero

• 1997 Step by Step

• 1996 The Faculty

• 1993 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

• 1993 A Different World

• 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

• 1992 In Living Color

• 1991 Dangerous Women

• 1991 The Hogan Family

• 1990 Doctor Doctor

• Bar Starz (2008)
• Daydreams (2008)
• Free Enterprise (1998)
• Clubhouse Detectives (1996)

These are the 4 main fresh beat band cast members other members or characters on the show are:

Melody (Dioni Michelle Collins) the owner of the Groovy Smoothie Shop.
Reed (Hadley Fraser (Season 1), and later Patrick Levis Season 2) the owner of the Good Note Music Store.
Ms. Piccolo (Monica Lee Gradischek) the music school teacher.
Harper (Shane Blades) the owner of the Pizza Café.

Then we have the kids beats “The Junior Beats” that looks just like the grown up fresh beat band.

We want to know what you think about the fresh beat band cast, who is your favorite? What do you think about the Marina cast change? Let us know please leave a comment.

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