Welcome to the Fresh Beat Band.net!

My 2 year old absolutely loves the fresh beat band and we watch them on TV pretty much daily. To be honest I like them two, I think it is a cute fun musical show, what not to like right :-)

I created this site to gather as much info as possible about the fresh beats. On this site you will find info about the fresh beat band cast members, about their concert schedules, when they release cd and dvd, the fresh beat band TV show episodes and more.

Have fun visiting our site thefreshbeatband.net. Oh and please leave a comment, let us know what YOU think about the fresh beats.

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  1. Letty says:

    My 2 and 4 year-old boys love the Fresh Beat Band. Whenever their concert video comes up on T.V., they both always say, “I want to go there”. I told them I would take them when they hold a concert near by. I just found out they will be in concert in Denver. which is a two hour drive. I was going to purchase 4 tickets but to my surprise I was given the option to purchase them for $150 each! The cheapest they have are for $100 each, but evenif they would have been available, it is still too much. I wish they were cheaper to compensate for the long drive and the parents that have to go with their kids. Oh, well. I just hope they grow out of it soon so that they can stop telling me how bad they want to go see the Fresh Beat Band.

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